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Engage every Customer: One Touchpoint at a Time

Engage every Customer: One Touchpoint at a Time

Written by: Bryan K. Williams, D.M.

August 11, 2010

Engaging your customers is not rocket science. With all of the articles, books, blogs, videos and conferences that are available, it can seem that creating an engaging service experience requires a lifetime worth of training. Not true. If you asked me, “how can we improve our service tomorrow?”, I would advise you to begin with your touchpoints. I’m sure that you have heard this word before, but I’ll go ahead and define it anyway. A touchpoint is any moment of interaction between two parties. If I pass you in the hallway, that’s a touchpoint; when you answer the phone, that’s a touchpoint; when you open the door for someone, that’s a touchpoint. If you think about it, there are literally hundreds of touchpoints in a typical workday. Now here’s the interesting part; every touchpoint has either a deposit or a withdrawal. If I’m an employee at Company X, and I pass two customers in the hallway without acknowleding them, that’s a withdrawal. If I give eye contact and smile, that’s a deposit. Better yet, if I give eye contact, smile, stop, give a greeting, and offer assistance, then that’s an even bigger deposit. This same concept works for every touchpoint, every time.

So how do you identify your touchpoints? The fastest way is to sit in your office and brainstorm by yourself. Unfortunately, you would be missing a tremendous opportunity to involve your staff in matters that directly affect them. If the goal of identifying touchpoints is to engage your customers, then you must first engage those that serve your customers. While you’re at it, get your team’s input on deposits and withdrawals for each touchpoint as well. Trust me, they will respect you for asking them AND you would have just made a big deposit to your staff! If you haven’t guessed by now, deposits equal more engagement and withdrawals equal less engagement.

Back in 2006, I was on board a transatlantic flight from Paris to DC. Since these flights are at least six hours long, airlines tend to offer beverage service at multiple times…especially for those of us who fly coach. When the flight attendants were on their third cycle of beverage service, one passenger asked a flight attendant, “So what drinks do you have?” The attendant looked at the passenger and said, “the same drinks we had 2,000 miles ago!” If there was ever a candidate for the “king of all withdrawals”, this was it. The sad part is that I was four rows back and could hear the flight attendant clearly. That means the attendant’s statement was a withdrawal for everyone else on the flight that could hear him. The key business point here is that most passengers will not remember the attendant who made the withdrawal, but they will remember the airline. Learning point: All it takes is one employee, one touchpoint, and one withdrawal to lose a customer. On the other hand, one employee, one touchpoint, and one deposit can create an engaged customer.

Just last week, I stayed at a Springhill Suites hotel in Baton Rouge, LA and barely missed the breakfast buffet by a few minutes. As the buffet attendant was cleaning up, she saw the disappointed look on my face when I approached. She told me that she would be happy to get me something from the back. So I asked for cereal with skim milk, and she said that she would return with the cereal right away. The attendant returned with two boxes of cereal, skim milk, and a big smile. She then asked if there was anything more she can do, and when I said no, she wished me a pleasant day. I did not feel like I was an interruption of her job, but the purpose of it. As we examine this touchpoint, there were multiple deposits made: offered to get breakfast, brought two types of cereal, offered additional assistance, and wished me a pleasant day. The beautiful part is that the entire transaction took less than 5 minutes, and this article will eventually be seen by thousands of readers. Learning point: Multiple deposits encourage free word-of-mouth advertising. In the same touchpoint, multiple withdrawals could have easily been made. The buffet attendant could have pretended not to see me. She could have fled to the back when she saw me coming. Or she could have told me that the buffet was closed, and there was nothing she could do about it. All it takes is one touchpoint.

My challenge to you is commit to identifying your department’s touchpoints, and be sure to involve your staff in the process. Then, as a team, brainstorm multiple deposits that can be made for each touchpoint (Hint: There are members on your team already making excellent deposits. Use this as an opportunity to solicit and share them with the entire team). Be sure to include a few withdrawals as well. It’s amazing how many people make withdrawals and don’t even know it.

Let this be your year for maximizing every touchpoint, for every customer, at every possible moment. Soon you will have a legion of engaged customers who can’t wait to tell others about your exceptional service, and how you were able to engage them one touchpoint at a time.

Design Against Fur 2011 – Students Competition

Design Against Fur is an annual design competition open to all students worldwide. It is organised in four regions, with judging first taking place in each of those regions. The winning artworks from all the regions are then judged internationally and the Grand Prize winner and, via an online public vote, People’s Choice winner are chosen.

The brief for this year is design a creative, compelling campaign poster that delivers the compassionate message that the wearing of fur is cruel and unnecessary.

I have participated in this competition by designing a series of three posters, every poster shows an idea. However all posters are aim to communicate the message the wearing of fur is cruel and unnecessary.

Poster_1 “100% Hand killed”

Poster_2 “Death is the real price of fur”

Poster_2 “Both Dides”

My poster one of the best 100 posters in the world :)

After three monthes waiting result of “The ‘Water is Life’ poster competition”, I recieved package with a certificate inform me that my work won in the competition. It was chosen as one of the best 100 posters in the world, and it has been published in the competition’s book.

An amazing moment for me. I post below a photo for the book cover and my work in this book. Cheeeeeees 🙂

‘Water is Life’ poster

B-Hive 2011, Student Competition

The campaigns concept

We felt food was an experience which shares alot of simularities to hearing a beautifully composed piece of music. Enjoying a high quality meal, savouring the variaty of flavours , can be as sensual as listening to one of your favourate song’s. Birmingham is well known for its brilliant and historically rich sympthony, and also for its wide range of food from around the world.

Our concept is to relate music to the wide range of tastes Birmingham offers. Our tagline was ” symphony of Birmingham”. A symphony is made up by thousands of different sounds and notes, we felt this could be represented perfectly by the diverse range of tastes and flavours that Birmingham food offers.

The first direction in our work was based on one main poster, which represents the diversity of food. By using a music sheet and replacing the notes with different type of food from around the world. And to accompany the main poster, we designed a series of posters where the world dishes were at one with the music notes. The second direction was a similar concept to our main poster, However we incorporated the diverse food dishes into different musical instruments.

AOP survey reveals “New Rules of Engagement” for online content

The Association of Online Publishers (AOP) unveils its first research study “The New Rules of Engagement”. The new research examines advertising engagement: the relationship between consumer engagement with website content and particularly their reaction to advertising on different website types: original content sites, portals and social networks.

The findings in the study, conducted by GfK NOP, show that engagement and advertising responsiveness is strongest on original content sites compared to other site genres. Respondents are almost twice as likely to trust advertising and brands on content sites vs social media sites, while they are almost three times more likely to believe that content sites are better than social media sites at influencing positive brand opinion.


Artistic Jihad is a Muslim student art competition and exhibition

The Competition

Artistic Jihad will be a nationwide talent search for the best Muslim student artists. Artists will submit their work over the course of several weeks to be judged by several eminent Muslim artists: Peter Sanders, Mohammad Ali, Ruh Al-Alam and Soraya Ahmed.

The chosen finalists will be awarded with a place to have their piece displayed in a special exhibition in Central London, alongside selected works of the judges, and have their artwork tour the country as part of the Artistic Jihad Roadshow

Find out more »

A Great Digital Ad, Jeep’s Twitter Puzzle

Posted on November 21, 2010 by Duncan

Leo Burnett Iberia is running “Jeep Puzzle“, a revolutionary online action that turns the microblogging platform Twitter into a real playground. The competition invites users to complete puzzles using several different images from Twitter profiles. Each puzzle represents landscapes which only Jeep can access. Users who complete any of the puzzles can win prizes including T-shirts with the exclusive Jeep Icon design. The agency created more than 371 Twitter profiles in order to include all the puzzles and their pieces. Ten main Twitter profiles each follow 36 profiles: waterfallpuzzle, beachpuzzle, desertpuzzle, mountainspuzzle, icebergpuzzle, forestpuzzle, snowpuzzle, volcanopuzzle, rockspuzzle and cavepuzzle.

The Jeep Puzzle campaign was developed at Leo Burnett Iberia, Madrid, by executive creative director Chacho Puebla, creative director Paulo Areas, creatives Lucas Zaiden and Pablo Cachon, digital account director Asier Garcia, digital account supervisor Felipe Garcia, digital account executive Irene de Luis, director of web production Victor Moreno, and account director Ricardo del Campo.

The Viral Future: What We Can Expect From Branded Video Advertising In 2011 (via ReelSEO Video Marketing)

Every website remotely related to online marketing has published a year-end list of the best videos of 2010–I even wrote one.  Most folks who wrote list articles like that just lumped all viral videos into the same pool, whether they were created by a brand or by an amateur, which is the way I did it as well.  But in a new post on their blog, YouTube is sharing their favorite branded video ads from the past year in the hopes of inspiring more brands to get creative in 2011. Several of YouTube’s favorite ads from 2010 have been featured in our weekly round ups, and one of them even made my personal list of the best videos of the year.  However, they also managed to squeeze in a couple that I had not previously written about.  And they’re both great.  Since we haven’t shared them here before, why not take a moment to enjoy them? Nike’s “Write the Future” spot:

Read More >>>>>>>


FOCUS ON IMAGING is Europe’s biggest annual imaging show, covering all your needs from image capture through to output and beyond. Whether you are a professional image maker or processor, a buyer of image making equipment or materials, a manufacturer or distributor of products or a keen hobbyist, a visit to FOCUS ON IMAGING is a must.

Over 200 exhibitors and product launches galore – including all the very latest digital cameras and equipment – will feature at FOCUS 2011, 6 – 9 March, NEC, Halls 9 and 10.


All visitors to FOCUS ON IMAGING are warmly welcomed. FOCUS ON IMAGING 2011 will be held in Halls 9,10 at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England from the 6th March – 9th March 2011. 10am – 6pm Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. 10am – 5pm Wednesday

Trade admission free by pre-registration online, non-trade £10 on the day, £8 by pre-payment online.

Online registration for FOCUS 2011 is now open.


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